Warner Edwards 2017

In February we took our team of assistant and deputy managers, along with Jess, on a trip to the Warner Edwards distillery in Harrington.

Andy, Jeremy and Dave showed us all a great time at the Warner Edwards distillery. We had a tour of the old manor grounds, the botanical gardens and the farm grounds. The walk made everyone hungry so a lunch was on the cards at the village pub.

Then onto the distillery, we went through the distilling process for each expression of gin, with head distiller Jeremy, and had a good look around the distillery itself.
And of course we finished the day with a gin tasting! We tried each of their 5 expressions, both neat and with different mixers-all for training purposes ofcourse!
It’s fair to say Warner Edwards is now a firm staff favourite- there Rhubarb Gin being the hit of the day!

Dear All, to help support our six ‘Cheshire Cat’ Pubs whilst they are temporarily closed, on Wednesday 25th March we created two ‘Pub Hub’ Shops, with pick-up and delivery services at our Roebuck Inn in Mobberley and our Fitzherbert Arms in Swynnerton, to help our local communities and suppliers. Click here to find out about the Pub Hub Mobberley or click here to visit the Fitzherbert Arms Hub.