Celebrating a Culinary Journey: Andy’s 12 Years at The Bull’s Head

Today marks a significant milestone as we raise a toast to our exceptional Head Chef, Andy, commemorating his 12-year journey with Cheshire Cat Pubs. Andy stands as a dedicated, genuine, and all-round ACE chef, consistently raising the bar and elevating the spirits of everyone at The Bull’s Head.

In reflecting on his time with Cheshire Cat Pubs, Andy shared 12 reasons that capture the essence of his deep connection with our establishments:

  1. The People: The team at The Bull’s Head is not just a workforce; it’s a family, fostering a genuine and supportive environment.
  2. Autonomy in Creativity: Cheshire Cat Pubs provide chefs like Andy the freedom to create their own dishes, source new ingredients, and build relationships with local suppliers.
  3. Thriving Atmosphere: The Bull’s Head, led by General Managers Andy and Steph, is known for its unrivaled hospitable atmosphere, drawing in crowds and keeping a high tempo.
  4. Owners’ Commitment: Tim and Mary, the owners, consistently strive for great results while ensuring each team member feels significant and valued.
  5. Work/Life Balance: Andy attests to achieving the right work/life balance, thanks to compromise and collaboration with the brigade.
  6. Picturesque Location: The Bull’s Head’s picturesque setting adds a special touch to the overall experience.
  7. Appreciation & Recognition: Personalized gestures, from a thank-you note after a busy week to birthday gifts, highlight the owners’ genuine care for their team.
  8. Motivating Tips: Financial rewards provide a significant motivation factor, ensuring top-notch quality in every dish.
  9. Loyal Locals: The pub’s genuinely nice guests appreciate the staff’s efforts, making The Bull’s Head a home away from home.
  10. Fresh Produce Commitment: Cheshire Cat Pubs’ dedication to using fresh, locally sourced produce plays a pivotal role in developing highly talented and motivated chefs.
  11. Trust: The importance of trust is emphasized, allowing Head Chefs the freedom to execute their vision and decision-making with confidence.
  12. Community Collaboration: Regular day trips and meals with other Head Chefs across the group foster idea-sharing and strategic alignment.

As Andy reflects on his journey, he is just one example of the many incredible individuals who contribute to making Cheshire Cat Pubs truly exceptional. Indeed, great people make great pubs – a timeless truth that resonates through our commitment to internal growth, recognizing the value of each team member, and celebrating collective success.


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