Culinary Exploration: Cheshire Cat Pubs Chefs Tour Northern Ireland

This week, our dedicated chefs embarked on a fascinating journey through the breath-taking landscapes and diverse culinary scenes of Northern Ireland. From the awe-inspiring Giant’s Causeway to the historic cities of Derry and Donegal, our culinary team immersed themselves in the rich flavours and cultural tapestry of this enchanting region.

Taking a well-deserved break, our chefs relished the opportunity to indulge in the finest local dishes and sample the exceptional Irish Malt at the renowned Bushmills Distillery. These moments of relaxation and gastronomic exploration have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on our culinary experts.

As our chefs return, we eagerly anticipate the creative influence this trip will have on our upcoming menus. Stay tuned to discover how the flavours and experiences of Northern Ireland will shape and enhance the culinary delights offered at Cheshire Cat Pubs.

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